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Missing You


The Drinking Olympic Commitee welcomes you to the official webpage for the 2015 Beauty Cup of Beersbee. From this site you can see the rules for Beersbee, find bios for all of the qualifying Olympians, and more. For more info, feel free to contact the D.O.C. directly, or visit the official Facebook page, both of which can be found under the Contact Us tab. We hope to see you all at this years event. The 2015 Beauty Cup of Beersbee is being held on Saturday July 4th at the Parker/Epp Homestead in Summerland, BC.  Any additional information can be gathered from various committee members spread throughout the globe. For tickets to this event please see Ticketmaster for more details.

Some Special Messages about Beersbee 2014

Beauty Cup of Beersbee 2013

Marking the ScoresDraft OrderDamien - Last PickWomen ShowersGolden WomenThe Fuck?!?
Shit Escalated QuicklyWhat? No, don't post thisMaking NiceNinja, NinjaHow did I get stuck doing this?Stare Down
Nice ThrowThe HypeHot bloodedGetting DownYup, yup yup yupMmmmm.... Beer
Gotta Put this backThe Hype, Fighting over itHalt!Team Attractive Import, Yuki IharaNice BeltWoooo

Beauty Cup 2013, a set on Flickr.

Beauty Cup of Beersbee 2013 – Finals

A big thank you to everyone that made the voyage out to the Harrison Hot Springs Thunderdome for a day full of sun, beer, and Beersbee.  The organizing commitee would like to thank you for your dedication to the sport and your sportingness in working with us as rules were adjusted and scores may or may not have been compramised.  With that being said, a huge congratluations to all the individual award winners and Team Hype for their Most (Un)sportsmenlike Team.

Of Course a big round of congratulations to this years champions, the 2013 Drinking Dinos.



BeersBee, a set on Flickr.