Draft Order Team name Draftee
1 The Bear Backers James Epp
2 Top Gunners Brandon Miskie
3 The Hype Anita Rashidi
4 Drinking Dinos Dan Weirsma
5 Team Attractive Derrick McWilliams
6 Golden Showers Joel Brooks
7 Golden Showers Mike Reston
8 Team Attractive Yuki Ihara
9 Drinking Dinos Mike Loukopoulos
10 The Hype Glynn Brothen
11 Top Gunners Wade Jackson
12 The Bear Backers Elaina Austin
13 The Bear Backers Kent Henning
14 Top Gunners Joel Carter
15 The Hype Matt Dickinson
16 The Bear Backers Damien Couture
17 Golden Showers Kimberly Eek
18 Team Attractive Chantel Johnson
19 Drinking Dinos Hannah Yu

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