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The Drinking Dinos – Capt. Brett Parker & James Epp
2013 Beauty Cup of Beersbee Champions
2014 5th Place
2015 Beauty Cup of Beersbee Champions

2013 was the year the Dinos made personal. After a full summer of extensive training, and pulling together a dream team made up of only three members, Brett led the Dinos through passionate games and rallies alike. With a full third of his team absent for the round robin, Brett and James Epp (the tournament’s first over-all draft pick) successfully weathered all challengers, most who double their roster. As the duo began to waiver, Michael Hogg arrived and was able to inspire his weary team mates into a spot in the finals. Against Brady and Team Attractive, the stage had been set for a passionate and emotional sprint to the finish. Coming down to a final shoot out, Brett pulled from his team sweat, blood, and tears, and gave them back the Beauty Cup.


2014, the Dinos were all business. Poised to capitalize on past success, Brett prepares to focus his team for razor-sharp efficiency and effect. Despite not having top draft pick, the Dinos leadership and prestige cannot be ignored. Athletes and staff alike recognize what the Drinking Dinos mean to the league. To be drafted to the team is to be a part of living history, and to be coached by a future hall-of-famer. To have them in the Beauty Cup league brings a fan base the league cannot do without (nearly 50% of Beauty Cup merchandise sold is branded Drinking Dinos). While nearly all other teams must look back at past mistakes and how to correct them, Brett and the Dinos have the benefit of only having to look forward to glory.


2015 will be the year the Dinos hope to return to the Beersbee Elite. After an off year in 2015; and allegations that the Dinos were caught up in tampering, bribery and throwing games for profit, the Dinos look to regain their good name. Recruiting the first ever pick in the Beauty Cup of Beersbee, Brett turns to James for the support he desperately needs as he becomes bogged down with litigation from the World Association of Frisbee Sports and Beer. Could the Dinos again be the centre of contraversy? Or will the rise up and return to their rightful place? Only time will tell, only they can make it happen.


Team Attractive – Capt. Brady Klein & Nick Cottrell
2013 2nd Place
2014 2nd Place
2015 5th Place

The expectations were high back in 2013. Brady had challenged the league (and won) for the rights to the Team Attractive name. The name resonated deeply with most players and athletes, and concern grew over whether or not one person should be allowed to carry such an all-encompassing banner into the pitch. But with Brady leading the team, the league felt that the name should be allowed, as Brady’s team would most likely win and a Team Attractive championship would feel like a shared win among all. The round robin cast doubt over their chances, however; they would lose their opening game to the Dinos, as well as their final round robin game to the Hype. Despite loses, Attractive left the round robin as the top seed, and played only one game in the semi-finals against the Golden Showers (a shoot-out victory). The championship match against their opening-game rivals proved too much for the team and its leader to bear, and Brady was left to ask: What went wrong?

In 2014, expectations have not dropped. Brady cannot forget his shoot-out loss against the Dinos, lest he risk history repeating itself. But he cannot let the past cloud his vision for the future of Team Attractive. With solid coaching, renewed enthusiasm, and a new colour splash to the logo, Brady knows that his dreams of glory are still well within reach. Only a select few truly stand in his way, and they stand tall. Can he finally overcome them? Only himself and Team Attractive can decide if being Runner Up twice is acceptable.

From fire and brimstone, Team Attractive was forged on the beaches of Moyie lake. Brady “Brad” Kline and Nick “The Nickler” Nickles played their first ever beersbie game together: a 7 hour grudge-match where team attractive was formed. Years later they broke free from each other, both hungry for the sweet taste of victory. Brady kept the attractive namesake, while Nick formed The Golden Showers. Both captains were hell-bent on first place, nothing less would do.

The first ever Beauty cup saw The Golden Showers and Team Attractive showdown in the semi-final. The game was decided in an overtime penalty shootout, the victory going to Cap’n Kline leaving The Showers with a third place finish. Ultimately, Team Attractive fell to the Drinking Dinos in the final, for a disappointing second place finish. The second annual Beauty cup saw these fierce rivals face off again in numerous showdowns. Ultimately, both came up disappointed, falling 2nd and 6th place. Brady and Nick knew deep in their loins that to hoist the Beauty cup as champions they would need to work together and reinvigorate their undeniable chemistry. Armed with: teamwork, dedication, good-looks, and the ability to make mixed tapes that are irresistible to women, the two captains look to be numéro uno. Team Attractive will once again reign… from whence they came.



The Disc Chargers (2015) – Capt. Amber Inglis & Mike Loukopolous
2013 4th place (as Mojo Fury)
2014 3rd place (as The Hype)
2015 6th Place

Known as the Mojo Fury, Amber lead a team of unknowns in 2013. Choosing Emily “Lightyear” Lightyear as the second over-all draft pick, and Joel Carter as their anchor, the Mojo Fury were an enigma for many teams. Losing all but one of their round robin games (ironically, the one victory being against the Hype), Amber was able to rally her team in the playoffs, and took the Golden Showers to an unfortunate 3-2, 2-3, 2-3 shoot-out loss for Mojo. Despite an Herculean effort, the Mojo Fury were never given the Cinderella Story they sought. Something needed to change.

In September of 2013, rumours began to spread that Derrick was shopping around the Hype. Unable to turn the team into a viable business, he was desperate to unload the name and logo and cut his losses. Where many saw a toxic deal, Amber saw opportunity. Now armed with a team that has so much emotion tied to its name, Amber is able to benefit from both a clean slate as well as the knowledge and experience gained from coaching the Mojo Fury. Ideally, the name on the front of the jersey will infuriate their opponents, but the athletes underneath will know they are lead by a captain prepared to try anything to win this years championship.

In a world full of strife, Amber has been at the forefront of change. Bearing the name of Captain in 2013, leading now defunct team Mojo Fury to 4th place, and taking over for the now unforsaken team The Hype, championing them to a 3rd place finish in 2014, Amber is now going through another team metamorphosis. The game is evolving, and as such, a new breed of team is needed. Realizing this, Amber called upon The Beauty Cup’s undisputed champion of debauchery and enthusiasm, Mike Loukopoulos. After last years “sunset fiasco”, Mike was distraught with his performance, and never thought he would be anything more than a pawn in the game. Amber saw this opportunity to snag up what some would consider the player with the most untapped potential, and will groom him, mold him, into the Co-Captain that she not only needs, but deserves. With another female captain entering the foray for 2015, Amber is now more determined than ever to establish herself as the Queen Bee of Beersbee.

This year marks the franchise debut of The Disc Chargers. Armed with Ambers fierce wit, grace, and beauty, alongside Mikes creativity, ability to make short shorts a returning trend, and drink his own weight in alcohol, The Disc Chargers are ready to take the pitch by storm. With an immense amount of training occurring in the off season by both Captain and Co-Captain, this year’s competitors will be stunned by the sheer athleticism that The Disc Chargers will bring to the tournament. Utilizing the powers of friendship and teamwork, Amber and Mike will morph their team into Champions. “No gimmicks. No hype. Just talent.” This is the mantra that will carry The Disc Chargers to the winners circle.



Bear Backers – Capt. Michael Hogg & Elaina Austin

2014 Expansion Team
2014 Beauty Cup of Beersbee Champions
2015 2nd Place

    A late arrival. A winning performance. A championship night. Michael Hogg was the right man at the right place at the right time last year. Drafted tenth over-all by the Drinking Dinos, Michael’s team played the entire round robin without him. Coming in cold to a strong team, he was able to maintain their standard of excellence, and helped to push that team into the history books. Only now is he reaping the true rewards of such a strong victory. Voted in as a new captain for 2014 by his peers and colleagues, the heat of the spotlight falls heavy on him as other returning athletes watch for any hesitation or stutter from him. He is in a unique position, where he not only has the expectation of winning the championship again, but must do so against another team with the very same expectations on themselves. Awarded the first over-all draft pick for 2014, one must wonder what the strategy will be: reunite with James Epp (the only 2013 Drinking Dino eligible in this years draft), or choose another and build his team his way.

Michael Sean Hogg triumphantly exited the spotlight in 2014 as a two-time Beauty Cup Champion. His ragtag team included everything from a former teammate and fellow champion to a silent-but-sober sniper. Pressure mounted as he pulled his team together to prove that they were more than just the best-dressed contenders for the cup; they were the ones who would prove themselves the strongest and emerge victorious. This year, all eyes are on him once again, the burden of expectation is on him to deliver an unprecedented third cup. He has pulled former teammate and notoriously emotional loose cannon Elaina Austin behind him while his former Dinos brethren have banded together across the pitch. The cynics of the Beersbee community will always want to put an asterisk next to his past victories; we know, however, that a threepeat will silence detractors and cement his name forever in the Hall of Fame.

Billy Mays

The Billy Mays Revival – Capt. Mike Epp & Wade Jackson
2014 Expansion Team
2014 4th Place (As the Top Gunners)
2015 4th Place

It can be cold, living in the shadow of greatness. Having missed the 2013 Beauty Cup, Mike’s brother James Epp was the only one there to represent their family name. After winning the Cup, attention turned to Mike. Would he make 2014? Would he be a contender? Most importantly, would he be drafted ahead of his brother? The latter question may never be answered, as Mike Epp was brought into the fold as a team captain for 2014. Immediately, there was only one question people were asking: Will anyone stand a chance if Mike drafts James? The Top Gunners were awarded the second over-all draft pick for 2014, so there is a very real possibility that this will happen. We’ve seen surprise drafts in the past, and surprise moves are what the Beauty Cup is built on. But until the morning of June 28, 2014, the athletes of the Beauty Cup wait in anticipation to see what kind of team the Top Gunners will be.

After crashing and burning from Top Gun Academy, Wade and Mike were stuck looking for new careers. Their pilot training had imbued them with a certain affinity for the control of flying objects, and so it was no surprise that they found themselves pioneering the burgeoning sport of beersbee. Their rise to the top was unparalleled and was marked by an unexpected endorsement deal from television commercial legend Billy Mays. Alas, the joy ride was brief, as just before filming the infomercial of the century, Billy Mays succumbed to an unexpected and unavoidable cocaine overdose. What happened next, you ask? Nobody knows for sure. Some say that the boys, influenced by the plot of “The Talented Mr. Ripley”, assumed the likeness and personality of the late, great Billy Mays. Others say that using his profound understanding of the Necronomicron, Wade was able to bring the legend back to life with only minor consequences. In an attempt to explain what had happened, Mike and Wade commissioned a short film. While it was met with critical success, it left audience members feeling confused and outraged. It seems the true fate of Billy Mays may never be known. Regardless, Mike and Wade, now rebranded as “The Billy Mays Resurrection”, are poised to make a mark on the sport of Beersbee

Cupital Punishment

Cupital Punishment – Capt. Liana “Sniperwolf” Tilt; Gareth “Gary” Tilt
2015 Expansion Team
2015 3rd Place

They came from the great white north, from beyond the wall where only few have gone before and even fewer have returned. They trained in the game of Freeze-bee played with discs made from weighty blocks of chillingly cold ice hurled with their bear hands to develop their strength…..and no,’bear’ hands is not a typo. In order to join the two most powerful families in the north, freeze-bee champion, Liana ‘Sniperwolf’ Greiner married Gareth Tree Crusher Tilt who was known for logging the Williston lake reservoir with nothing but a dulled-edged frisbee and three well placed throws. Liana was bequeathed her title of’ Sniperwolf’ in Creston B.C. as a member of Team Attractive in some of the first matches of the game of Beersbee but this will be her first official Beauty Cup. The pair plan to deliver some lethal blows to the competition this year as Cupital Punishment makes their debut in the tournament.


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