Team Bios – 2018

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2018 Beauty Cup of Beersbee Teams:


Victorious Secret
Captain – Stevie Benisch
Team Victorious Secret (named for the captain’s tendency towards winning and making jerseys sexier to quote Drew Redman) only has one question for you: Do you impress me much? Benisch is a relative new-comer to the beauty cup of beersbee. In her first year Stevie was an unknown as a beersbee player, but was drafted for her proven talents, and was a part of the team that crushed the first (and only) drinking competition. In year two Stevie was not only the most improved player, but was also a part of the team that took home the beauty cup. Now in year three she is stepping up to the plate as a captain. So far, slaying it with a video that is only more fitting now that she has the number one draft pick, and a custom mixed theme song. It’s all in the lyrics folks: “Got my double cups up, that’s the reason that I’m like this”




Le Tigre
Captain – Sharon Liang
Ski-bi dibby dib yo da dub dub, yo da dub dub. Ski-bi dibby dib yo da dub dub, yo da dub dub. I’m the Scatman




Bunny Backers
Captain – Elaina Parker
Elaina has been dragged kicking and screaming through Beersbee history.  From the infancy of the Beauty Cup all the way to now, Elaina has not finished her bio and left the computer up so Brett will write the rest…  boobs.



Team Asterix
Captain – Jessica Hermiston
“No pants? No Problem!”



Disc-o Dragons
Captain – Anita Rashidi
“Everyone thinks it’s the year of the dog… but it’s actually the year of the Dragon. Dracarys!”



Drinking Gynos
Captain – Amber Inglis
It has been a long and interesting road for Amber. She came on the scene as the first Female Captain at the head of Team Mojo, and showed all the doubters just how well females play the sweet game of Beersbie. Paving the way, if you will, for this historic all females Captain’s tournament.  After many captaincies, including a truly excellent co-captaincy, Amber took some time off last year from being Captain to play amongst the masses and rekindle her joy of Beersbie. This year she is back, hotter than ever, having inherited the mantle of a Championship team, the Drinking Dinos. She is ready to go hard and give the Drinking Gynos the championship they deserve, lead by the captain they need. May the cup land ever in your favour.



Captain – Yuki Brooks
Mah frisbaes brings all the bees to the yard, And they’re like zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz



Team Discractive
Captain – Liana Tilt
2015 marked a monumental year for diehard Beauty cup enthusiasts when Liana Tilt made her debut as captain of “Cupital Punishment”.  The expansion team axed the competition during the round robin and murdered icon Team Attractive in the quarter final with a final score of 9-2. While they didn’t quite tie the noose round the neck of the Dinos or Bearbackers, the Captain was pleased with a third-place overall finish for an introductory appearance in such a prestigious tournament.

Shortly after this premiere, key competitors James Epp (Drinking Dinos), Dan Weirsma (Disc Jockeys)  and Bob Fraleigh (multiple teams represented) set the precedent of rearing a new generation of Beersbee greats to draft from. Determined not to be bested by these extremist recruiting efforts, the Captain chose to follow suit and invest in the makings of her own farm team. As such, 2018 is only the second season that the better Tilt will head up a crew of disc athletes after taking a break from the game in 2016 and choosing to be a member of the general draft in 2017. But Tilt was not alone in her hiatus, beersbee mogul Brett Parker was also benched for this past season due to his second Tilt-inflicted finger break. Time will only tell if Brett’s brittle, ancient, Dinosaur bones will heal in time to rejoin the ranks for Ladies Night. In addition it should also be noted that, even with this time away from captaincy, Liana Tilt still ties Nick Cottrell in total Beauty Cup take-homes.

Liana will be proud to take to the pitch against a strong collection of female captains for the 2018 title. It’s about time the good women behind the men got recognized for their beguiling good looks, dynamite frisbee skills, and superior intellect. Brady Kline, Nick Cottrell, Brett Parker and then Liana Greiner were the original Moyie lake “Team Attractive” members. While Brady may have won the rights to the namesake, it’s undoubtedly obvious that the muse for the banner was none other than the legendary “Sniperwolf” herself. While Kline carried the banner for years,  he was never able to podium under the misnomer and it was not until the birth of full womb, I mean *“Full Moon Doubloon” that the founding father of the sport finally celebrated his solitary victory.

With “Team Attractive” laid to rest, Tilt gets ready to Tango as “Team Distractive”.  The Captain expects to turn some heads sporting a wolf logo as an homage to her beersbee nickname.  Bees, Llamas, and Teddy Bears are meek, Salesmen and Music Mixers are ordinary,  Thor and Power Rangers don’t exist (sorry Mikey Lou), and Dinos are extinct. However, an alpha female is cunning, dangerous, and an effective leader of her pack. “Sniperwolf” has a competitive edge sure to lead her team to a 2018 win.

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